The new city of Amravathi, its governance, and its future inhabitants have taken it upon themselves to shed their identity and look for a future that is more modern, green, and sustainable. This paradigm shift goes aptly with the technological revolution which India has been going through for the past two decades and the search for a new identity that is more global. This proposal for the open mall blends the essence of street shopping from the past and its visual appeal leaning towards the contemporary set by the master planners and architects of the capital complex of Amaravathi.

an urban umbrella!
The building is imagined to perform like an umbrella. The parasol-like roof provides shade and protects the structure from direct radiation. The porous roof enhances airflow and creates a semi-open space at the roof level allowing various informal activities to happen in shade. The extension of the roof form at the northern side creates shaded walkways throughout the year allowing people to shop in comfort.

region & its surrounding
“ Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” The condition of the surrounding region in which the project is situated indicates a severe depletion in groundwater & is highly prone to drought. Irrespective of the sustainable efforts proposed in the Master plan it is extremely important for every individual structure to sincerely contribute and improvise the groundwater system.

The parasol structure, a combination of light aluminum roofing spread over a rigid steel framework draws its functional and visual inspiration from Fish scales. The parametrically deforming dia-grids combine to form curves in three dimensions required for creating a flowing morphology.

nature’s system
Nature does every act for a specific purpose forming a system. Beauty and aesthetics are a product of this system. The Lotus and Lilly in ponds have a good horizontal spread and thick leaf shading protects the water underneath from evaporation.


Structural System : Mild steel
Roof: kalzip Aluminum roofing

Senthil Kumar Doss, Periyasamy P S, Prasanna Kumar P, Harish Thirugnanam, Shivani Saran S K , Aparajitha A K
3D Visualizer : Lucid Dream

Open Mall at Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, India by Senthil Kumar Doss in India won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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