What is the project: A place for contemplative and practice of being fully present in heart, mind and body in a way allows you to creatively respond and work. One needs a certain time for us to realize and analyze the inner most consciousness. Humans have now got a tendency to get attracted to what is outside them and not what lies within. Though peace can be found anywhere and everywhere but, because of the modern hectic lifestyle, people are getting away from the real spirituality ‘‘connection with their inner self’’.
So contemplative mind can bring forward the new consciousness that is needed to awaken a more loving,
justice, and sustainable world.
The architectural journey can teach people about themselves, other people, or the world which surrounds them by giving the building occupants space to absorb, process, and respond within their architectural design journey and creating a design that will more truly “listen” to them. Yes, architectural environments can teach, inspire, and motivate people...

This project aims to:

- Giving Occupants Room to Breathe.
Within this project design narrative, it is wise to give occupants room to breathe — to absorb what they have experienced and to prepare for what is to come.

- Heightening Connection with Oneself.
By allowing the occupants to have a space where they can think, meditate, or simply just be in the present moment to connect those occupants to themselves in deeper ways.

- To improve the human quality life.
- Concern on spiritual things as a form of private devotion.
- Increasing self-awareness.
- Focusing on the present.
- Reducing negative emotions.
- Increasing imagination and creativity.
- Increasing patience and tolerance.



Concept Statement: “The External Silence To Achieve Our Inner Silence” & “The Emotions Energy”

Design statement: to design a place that’s a gateway for everyone to help them take away their minds off the negativity /stress that is caused by our hectic lifestyle to make them feel like a whole again. A sense of endless space and separation from the thoughts that control the person mind by manipulating the senses...

This project was designed by Farah Alzoubi as graduation project for Bachelor Degree from University Of Petra Supervised by ARCH. Yasmine Saudi Faculty Of Architecture & Design...


main 3D SHOT farah