The Fashion Gem, a development located on Seguin Island in Paris, tries to create a new paradigm that will redefine the relation between brands, shows, and the general public by letting them participate in an explicit cultural concept. Thus, the project aims to create an access of regular people to the fashion industry and promote emerging talents in the field of fashion, art, and design through a tight relationship of creativity and commercial promotion.

Furthermore, the concept is driven by the idea of integrity and connections which are the backbone of any type of development especially in the fashion industry. The volume includes diverse programs which are defined by the principle of collaboration and intersection. Following the idea of sustainable fashion, the building also contains a mini-recycle factory that has been created to provide both curators and visitors to be involved in the recycling process. In order to create a vivid and diverse fashion environment, the building contains distinct functional areas which are an education centre, a museum, a catwalk arena, and office spaces. They are condensed in the single shape whose ambition is to become a diverse and lively region with a wide selection of public functions, and generous provision of open and enclosed spaces. The central public hall creates visual connections between zones of the activities taking place throughout the building. On top of that, the hall and the catwalk floor are flexible, which gives an opportunity to conduct diverse events of different sizes and programs.


The buildings' structure is made of steel and reinforced concrete elements. The facade of the Gem includes photovoltaic elements making the usage sustainable. Fashion Gem is a structure which includes educational, museum, office and public functions.

Designers: Vladislav Dudyrev , Atrem Bashkirov, Gamid Isaev
Supervisor or Instructor: Elena Ermolenko


Artem Bashkirov