The 641 South Mashta Dr. Project is a single house with three levels plus a roof garden. The main characteristic is to engage the spaces with the view toward the Atlantic Ocean. It is developed along a horizontal, longitudinal scheme, with a nucleus of stairs and elevator as the unifying and connecting element to all the levels. This connecting element also includes a space with triple height ceiling that creates visually and spatially an interesting feeling for the people inside. Giving them a sense of grandeur and arrival, being able to see to all spaces and levels. This space also has a stone wall as connecting plane of the three different levels.

The house is presented with a free, open plan in the first floor, only with a lobby and a small receiving area for guests under A/C. The rest of the areas in the first floor are pool, pool deck, areas for recreation with beautiful landscaping and terracing. The second floor is for the private areas such as rooms, bathrooms and family space. The third level finally has the social areas such as kitchen, living room and entertainment space with a beautiful view to the ocean. Finally, the fourth floor or roof garden has the same view, accompanied with a space for BBQ, a trellis structure with vegetation and Jacuzzi.

All these characteristics make this house have a very special condition that is all tied in together with the connecting elements: elevator and stairs. The idea of this project was to have a floor designated to each activity that a family can partake in. Depending on the private and public needs of the family. The project was successful in using the space efficiently and direct all the views to the ocean — this happened because the height of the structure was taken into consideration, which goes above all the houses that are near this residence; therefore, being able to see through the top of the other houses without having the view blocked.





Wilfredo Agurto

Maria Flores


Yoel Flores

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
Marcos Misrahi

Maria Flores

Denis Solano

Visualizer, Renderings
Wilfredo Agurto


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