The project is located in Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Al Khobar is a city along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the ‘Triplet Cities’ of the Dammam metropolitan area and serves as the main residential district of the region. Al Khobar is also seen as a resort town due to the fact that it hosts various beaches and beach resorts. The city is bustling with life and really comes in its own at night time.
It is one of the cities that have a lot of tourism potential, especially the local tourism, because its residents are characterized by a high consumption rate and, accordingly, a good economic condition.

Since the city of Al-Khobar is one of the coastal cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then it is feasible to study a tourist destination capable of improving the tourist life in the city and increasing economic returns by taking advantage of the coastline and establishing a marina that will attract local residents and investors for consumer facilities.

The marina has been redesigned and re-planned, where the landscape has been studied in terms of green areas, walkways, yacht marinas and car parks with the design of a group of restaurants, cafeterias, shops and a yacht club.

The project includes three restaurants, three cafeterias, three shops, a yacht club, and an administration building. As for the yacht marinas, there are seventy-two berths.

This full potential includes creating a working marina and key destination for locals and national, and international visitors. Council is aiming to improve social and cultural, economic, environmental and financial benefits that can be delivered by the Alkhobar Marina site.


3 Cafeteria
3 Restaurants
3 Shops
1 Yacht Club
1 Administration Building

Arch. Mohammed Al-Nisafi
Instructor : Prof. Howida Khuzam