Functionality and wellbeing are the adjectives that describe the design for Departamento R&J done by López Duplan Arquitectos. The project emanated from a circular floorplan of approximately 700 sq. m in which the spaces were distributed using the elevators module as main axis and fully exploiting its location in the center of the space.

In the public areas the goal was flexibility and in order to achieve it, a series of sliding walls were installed to isolate or unify the spaces according to the activities and give versatility to all the areas formed by living & dining room, library, family room and three bedrooms. The elevators hall has 2 walls covered in timber that conceal the doors to the different areas of the apartment and a gray granite wall matching the floor.

In the living room we are greeted by a bar, a half height element giving privacy to the dining room; in this the main wall has a cellar and a window that are integrated with an iron finish. The kitchen has two areas, one for the daily activities and a second one that may be incorporated to the dining room for some events by just sliding a wall.

The library has a desk enjoying a privileged view towards the mountains that frame Monterrey. Relying upon the ambiance needed to be generated in this area the living room may be brought together using another of the sliding partitions which are the secret weapon of the design of this versatile apartment.

The private areas have a shared access that is a spacious family room equipped with everything necessary to be used for work or school related activities. All the bedrooms have private dressing and bathroom.



Category: Residential
Area: 700 s qm
Photography: Héctor Armando Herrera

Project: López Duplan Arquitectos
Claudia López Duplan