In long and ardous journey towards a safe heaven in Europe,refugees and asylum seekers are in dire need of support. Adults and childrens are under severe psychological and physical strain as they can hardly find adequate food and shelter, while they simultaneously try to heal the traumas of their displacement. They stuck in city life. People know their existance, however they can not understand exactly what they feel and live...
Some espects they are in a invisible situation for some aspects...

In my project, i aim to make them visible from invisible situation via Refugee Support Center. There is a hierarcy between public and private areas as visible to invisible. I use public elements in visible programmatic approach to create social awareness which increase interraction between society & refugees. Also private elements as invisibiles to adopt refugees & asylum seekers to new society, life and make them conscious individuals.

In building design, there are public interface and urban terrace which face the city view as a adaptation part. More private elements that improve their mental and psychological situations personally locate interior parts as various functions. Ground floor would be a meeting space for all refugees and citizens to interract together with multipurpose hall, exhibition, library...In First floor, there would be classrooms and a soup kitchen that has a access from public interface surface of building and also interior space. In second floor, there would be studios, small group rooms and common kitchen terrace. Third floor has social services, news portal and tea house which has access also previous floor studios. Other floors continue as translation migration offices with consultation terrace that connect with urban interface. Toddlers after school rooms , daycare which has playground terrace in urban interface and last floor is healt servises. Upper floors become more private functions as from ground floor with multipurpose hall to seventh floor health areas. Also building itself would be a visual landmark with this public interface and circulation core to city...



Selen Ozdogan

Refugee Support Center by Selen Ozdogan in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 23. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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