"What is the light in architecture means to us?"

What we think beautiful and good experience all closely related to light. It means the light has a strong energy affecting to one’s emotion. It is important to Architecture in that people who are a core factor in Architecture are moved by light.

The quality of lighting in a space defines its character and creates impressions. The human eye perceives its form through the incidence and reflection of light and in that way acquires information about the ambiance in a given place. Visual impressions are interpreted in our brains and put in context to create emotions that move us to take particular actions.

Therefore, light moves one’s mind and makes emotional space.

"Capturing the invisible energy flows and minds in the light"

As the surrounding conditions let all the energy flows to pass by, our design will capture the activated surrounding energy flows in the depressed site near Goose Island. The site will be filled with meditation programs. Harmonizing light with meditation, one can look deeply into the mind and space leads people to capture their minds with reflection.

As each human mind is like rough waves, they do not put much time to think about themselves deeply and find peace of mind. In this contemplative space, one can promote personal renewal and get a spiritual refuge and retreat. One can get a chance to fully concentrate on oneself, which helps peoples mental health and make the city healthy.



Location: 801 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60642

Meditation Space
1) Cafe of Purification
2) Gallery of Contemplation
3) Individual Meditation
4) Central Meditation
5) Purifying Path
6) Underground Spiritual Refuge
7) Forest Therapy
8) Sculpture Garden
9) Skyline Viewpoint


Somin Lee (BARCH Yr4 at Illinois Institute of Technology)
Minsung Kim(BARCH Yr4 at Illinois Institue of Technology)

Instructor Vladimir Radutny

Spring 2017 Studio | Sensing light and touching shadows
IIT College of Architecture

ISLAND OF THE INVISIBLE by Minsung Kim in United States won the WA Award Cycle 25. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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