The culture, the rich heritage, the great tradition and the unmatchable craftsman- ship of Multan needs recognition, representation and exhibition. Many historical objects were found in Multan region. These artifacts have remained veiled because there is no space to place and preserve them. Therefore, there is a need of a project for exhibition of this treasure. There is no specific platform for the exhibition and study of these objects for Multan region and also a platform for craftsmanship to promote the regional handicrafts.


Culture relics are the best manifestation of the corporate life. For centuries Multan has been the meeting place of many divers culture and civilization. As such people of south Punjab have developed their life step by step by the passing of date their remarkable way of life through centuries which developed a civilization.
Multan is the most dominant over more than thousand years with it is political vision created a society beyond the limits of tribe. They were most civilized people.

Muhammad Ghulam Mustafa joyia


Muhammad Ghulam Mustafa Joyia