Sameness stultifies the mind, diversity stimulates and expands it -Richard Sennet

As the Iztech 2017 graduation studio subject, architecture as provocation was selected. At this point for the subject, Alsancak harbour and its close neighborhood which used as a big industrial area in 20th century but also most is desolate currently. Thus, our challenge was to constitute an architectural language as provocation in an area where all the income and capitalist ideas are waiting to build a project in.


As a result of metropolitan cities, getting the same of people reflects the space we live. Reversing this reflect as procovative and supply another world with the full of actions.

Action nest creates a subterranean alternative public life.

The design aim is to rescue the citizens from the cosmopolitan life consequences. To manage the target a strong design decision was needed. Architecture has the power on our mood as how we act,behave,think and reflect can be seen as the design motto. I need to design an architectural complex that stands out against all this sameness system and life by its existence.



The design structure consists of 30x30 steel beams.

Studio Coordinators: Ebru Yılmaz, Ülkü İnceköse, Uğur Yıldırım, Deren Uysal, Livanur Erbil, Şebnem Gür