Respecting the natural landscape, the intervention aims to integrate into the context and works as a way, appropriating the existing path that runs between the two huge rocks, which have a referential character, marking the entrance.
Here it begins to descend on the earth, alluding to the mothers womb, it begins the journey of introspection. At the staircase, we have access to the reception and to the memory space, but at the end of the stairs we find the sanctuary, a cube with 7x7x7 meters, here the number 7 has a symbolic significance. The number 7 represents the total perfection, the awareness, intuition, spirituality and the will. The seven symbolizes completion also cyclical and renewal. We have a grand light entrance, where we are in contact with nature, this element as well as allowing the entry of light, allows the rain.
We are in harmony with the universe, allows the meditation and reflection.
When we left, we need to begin the ascent, back to the physical world and let us go to meet an overwhelming landscape. The ruins of the St. John chapel have a character of identity and memory, which must be preserved, it is a sensory experience through memory, landscape and other forms, this space becomes the place of contemplation.




Monsanto Sanctuary by Rui Silva Martins in Portugal won the WA Award Cycle 27. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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