This house is located in a subdivision where rows of newly-built residences occupy large lots. The lot on which this house sits is elevated slightly above the level of the roads that surround it on three sides, and passersby are able to see all sides of the house.

The design responds to these conditions with a structure composed of stacked boxes whose appearance changes depending on the location from which they are viewed.
Light enters the building from many different angles, including from clerestory windows encircling all four sides, from slit windows, and from large windows on the south side that are created by the the building’s exterior shape.

The large windows face onto a terrace that is surrounded by box-like outer walls, allowing the residents to enjoy time outside without worrying about being seen by passersby.



Project Location : Mino city, Osaka Pref.
Completion Year : 2012
Principle use : residence
Site Area : 243 sqmt
Building Area :81 sqmt
Total Floor Area :120 sqmt
Storeys : 2
Structure : wooden
Photo by: Toshiyuki Yano

Office : FujiwaraMuro Architects, Lead Architect : Shintaro Fujiwara, Yoshio Muro