The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has a unique and distinguished design creating an evident visual impact on the architectural pattern of its immediate surroundings – an outstanding landmark and kernel for the cultural and economic development of the project’s location in Halban.

The project has captured all facilities required for the easy living of the users and inevitably brought it to its ultimate success: campus catering, entertainment, accommodation and sports for both students and staff. The project involved meticulous designing, engineering and construction meeting high German and British standards, while accommodating Omani and GCC products in the construction wherever possible.

The campus has been built in a way so as to use wind and solar energy in the most optimal manner. The whole building is enveloped with thermal insulation and an air tight construction method of the facades with acoustic sound insulation at the highest international energy efficiency standards.

The major architectural highlight is the large shaded amphitheater with playful fountains having a seating capacity of 1,000 and an additional 1000 standing spectators at the specially designed spiral ramps around the area. Generous openings to the outside grant both inspiring views and natural ventilation within this inviting social space.

The construction of the project, with more than 50.000 GFA, has been set out mid of the year 2011 with a strict time schedule and fix budget. All buildings, which include the main building with 527 rooms, 8 Elevators, Offices, Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Research areas, Sports hall, Canteen, Cafeteria, shops, recreational areas and Parking spaces, Sewage Treatment plant, roads and other services infrastructure and three fully functional attached accommodation blocks, were completed in a striking 18 months’ time -within budget and with high quality.



Hoehler + alSalmy


Andreas Hermann