Vanke Beijing Changyang World Business Centre designed and built by YOJU is a representative industrialization project in Beijing.
Vanke Beijing Changyang World Business Centre is a compensation-dedicated project (Office Building 1# is presented to the Government of Changyang Town ) consisting of Office Building 1# and Apartment Building 2#. The geometric principal part of the building aims to achieve a simple, explicit and modern effect of external outline. Meanwhile, the architect elaborates both spatial layout and facade design, aiming to further enhance the quality of buildings in details.

Virtual and Solid Dotted Line
Office Building 1# features the design of vertical strip windows and the processing method of staggering the positions of upper and lower windows by 1/2 window width horizontally, which can create the harmonious and uniform sense of rhythm and sense of direction for the facades, and also make the building solemn but not lacking of vivacity. The top-bottom pillars are hidden behind the solid walls, securing the rhythm of facade free of the impacts of internal structure.
Apartment Building 2# is separated horizontally by the use of horizontal barred windows and grooves, which are reducing the heaviness of building.
The position of air-conditioner at the building’s outer wall is masked by vertical louvers, further enriching the facade.

Ray & Shadow
The depth of windows on Office Building 1# is deepened gradually from top to bottom, and the changes of shadow enrich the visual contrast of light and shade. The special structure of window frame on Apartment Building 2# will also project the ever-changing shadow on the facade.
In addition to the use of natural light, the architects also consolidate the building’s dynamic effect by the light processing. The storefront corridor of the Building 2# is designed with sound-controlled lamps, whose light may move along with the movement of people at night and is projected out of different windows, making the dialogue between the activities of people inside and the external environment.

Details & Atmosphere
The architectural appearance is made of warm white coatings, and decorated with wood and steel. The application of wood has strengthened the intimacy of the building.
In the original scheme, the main entrance of the building is designed with a curved-surface door head, whose changing steel grill has flourished the surrounding atmosphere of the building and also added the artistry to the whole project..



Location: Fangshan District, Beijing
Floor Area: 26, 694 ?

Architects: Jin You, Feng Bo
Design Team: Xie Kaixuan, Guo Haitao, Wei Dianxu, Miao Siqi, Yang Chaopu
Photographs: Wu Di