This project is a result of third year
architectural design studio in the Bilkent
University, Turkey. Studio requires co-
housing, which includes different types of
residential units, commercial areas with in a
concept in Sancak District, where located the
center of the city.

That co-housing project is designed by
starting with observation of some problems
about ordinary residential lifestyle. The
observed problems ,which are -high traffic
pollution emerges from main road, inefficiency
usage of existing city view and lackness of
dynamic social life, inconsistent urban context in Sancak district- were tried to solve with
the help of that project. Moreover, this co-
housing project where includes housing units,
art studios, cafes, social areas.. is not only
designed for artists and craftsman but also it
is designed to create new urban context in an
attempt to enrich the value of Sancak district
urban context.

In the light of the program and problems
residential units are oriented as L shape at
the highest level of the site. And social
areas are distributed to whole site and
serving as a co-housing social facilities such
as studios, kitchen, dining, child care,
cafe, market..etc

There are several types of units such as 2+1,
studio flat, dublex units. They are
articulated around a circulation tube which
offers horizontal and vertical circulation
between flats and terraces.

Thanks to flat articulation, there are some
common and private terraces shows up to
increase dynamic social life for units.
Terraces also provide good view which is
produced with stepping green roofed social
areas. Therefore, site provides its own view
thanks to using green roofs of social areas
and studios as landscape areas.


Atahan Topçu, Ezgi Tümer, Öykü Şener

COHOUSING RESIDENTIAL PROJECT IN SANCAK DISTRICT by atahan topçu in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 24. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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