Transportation building is the entrance point of the city. Thus, it should has not only symbolic value but also memorizable and unique. Our purpose is to design a functional and social transportation complex in Lüleburgaz by using the potential of land and realize that its nature as a landmark.
The land of the building is on the Edirne-Istanbul mainroad that is between Murat Hüdavendigar St. and İstiklal St. which is placed the old bus station. By using the same enter-exit point with the old one, different circulation route is desgined in the land. Also, the building is located on east-west axis which gives an opportunity to be seen directly the building from the mainroad.
Intercity bus platforms are located at the south side of the building, although regional bus platforms are located in north side. The seperation between those platforms is been provided by building itself.
The main idea of interior design is getting one place without any separation between departure and arrival areas, so ticket sales offices and shops are placed between waiting lounges. That idea provides transformation of the building in future.
West point of the building, the access point from the city, canopy is designed as an effective public front space with different sloped roof system. Restaurant, cafe and commercial spaces are located at that part not only for passengers but also public use.
Consequently, the design aim is to integrated waiting areas within public spaces and create a landmark for Lüleburgaz.



Location: Lüleburgaz / Kırklareli /Turkey
Gross Built Area: 1200 sqm

Sıddık Güvendi, Tuna Han Koç, Barış Demir, Oya Eskin Güvendi


Engin Gerçek