The project presents completely new building with new vision and innovative conception.
Buildings architecture, interior and also furniture design was created by authors own de-sign.
Main purpose of architecture and also design concept is concrete and colors as architec-tural detail, also as main component part of design. Green and yellows gradation as sym-bols of productivity and new life, implied by buildings functional purpose, they became main line of design.
The forming of buildings shape was subserved by the lands geometry, it has the shape of trapeze, more exquisite form of triangle. Architectural conception is not only the shape of building, but also facade. The building has different design of facade on each side, although theres mutual connection between them. The building has 6 floors over the lands notation and 2 floors down, where parking and other technical sources are placed.
Concrete isnt only located on the exterior, but also in interior. In public areas columns and floor preserved the facture of concrete, where confluence with other revetment material.
The main axis of interior is atrium, around which public area, cafeteria, auditorium, ambu-latory, pharmacy, administrative offices and other spaces are located on the 3rd floor.
The following 3 floors therere only medical purpose storages located. Wards, 10 maternity blocks, 4 operation theaters, intensive therapy halls and auxiliary rooms.
Clinic is computed on 100 beds



Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 13000 sq.m

Architect / Interior Design: David Tsutskiridze
Architectural Firm: Tsutskiridze+Architects
Email: info@


David Tsutskiridze