What are the possibilities for urban environments after our aged infrastructure is recalibrated ? How might bigger cities and waste mix ?

All over the globe waste is on the rise. In China, the amount of solid waste produced is rising by 6% per year. It has kept pace with the rapid urbanization in China. Many parts of South America are also rapidly urbanising and their waste has grown with it. Brazilian cities have has steady 10% increase in waste headed for landfills. One key idea is that waste is not recycled through infrastructural mechanisms but instead up-cycled in perpetuity.

Project focuses on contributing to a more sustainable world, socially as well as physically by extricating the “removal chain” from “supply chain” and use this knowledge not only behavioural change but also build more efficient and sustainable infrastructures so that invisible insfrastructure of waste removal will become visible and final journey of our waste no longer be out of sight or out of mind.



A Framework for Agil Stream: Sustainable Urbanism by Arda Ertan Yıldız in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 25. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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