The main idea in Villa 212 s design process was taken from a fabulous flower strelitzia raginae with its multy layered ergonomic
strelitzia raginae Has a kind of dynamic life of step by step exposal.
Underneath its marvelous full colored layers, strelitzia raginae has a combination of artistic-tailored margins.
Entering the simplex Iranian geometry into the design convas and composing a prelude within two storming parameters, villa 212 came to existence the outcome is a plan-libre project that contains rigid floating pulps among a plot of plasma.
Panorama sights with for urban features in neighborhood with close up shots of hidden gardens in sitting room windows has made acompound of distal-proximal touch of nature in architecture frames.
The back yard carries all the one day picnic activity facilities in it and the front pool with its cantilevered big volume is a kind of levitation experiment for the users.




villa 212 architect : C.D.A ( Amin Asali - Partners )