Through a thorough study of the local culture, the design team drew inspiration from Zhengzhou cultural relics, Shuijinghuan, hoping to create an unrestrained children's activity and exhibition space with overall continuous but changing characteristics. The voyage starts from a constant circular flow line and gradually rises from the ground, taking the visitors into the exhibition space as well as children's space, then spiraling progressively upward to the roof garden. At the end of the flow line on the roof garden, the flow of people is slowly guided to the second floor and the first-floor outdoor courtyard via a continuous circular ramp. The circular layout organically combines the various functional spaces, and the elegant curve ramp strengthens the communication of the vertical space by crisscrossing and shuttling between the indoor and outdoor space, making the whole area full of motion, which coincides with the children's liveliness and vigor and further stimulates their curiosity and exploration spirit.

The exterior facade of the building is also designed based on a continuous streamline system, which encloses the interior space through a group of grid systems with continuous shapes and colors, connecting the interior space with the outdoor space, the roof garden, and the open-air atrium naturally. In terms of facade color, we hope that the facade color could create a direct corresponding relationship with the internal function of the building, which can also be reflected in the seamless connection of facade color. Moreover, the change of facade color can have a strong corresponding relationship with the change of the form and density of facade grid, providing the color a highly unified relationship with the length and density of grid. Finally, such variation forms a seamless connection among facade color, facade form and internal function, rather than expressing color as a single layer of skin color.



Typology: Exhibition building
Status: Completed
Building Area: 3589.04㎡
Client: Zhengzhou Airport Huigang Development co. LTD
Local Design Institute: China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute co. LTD
Photography: Tian Fangfang

Architect: PMA (PolyMorphArchitects)
Principal in Charge: Chuan Wang
Project Team: Xiaoyu Zhang, Yan Xue, Shunhe Wen


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