Wuhan photoelectric industrial technology research institute (hereinafter referred to as light electrical engineering institute) by Wuhan east lake new technology development zone and Hua Zhong university of science and technology cooperation, the Wuhan photoelectric national laboratory is responsible for the management operation, is a common technology research and development, pilot slaking docking, high-end industry incubation, enterprise r&d services, and other functions in the integration of collaborative innovation platform. Centring on a large number of scientific research achievements in laboratories, OPTOelectronics Research Institute provides necessary engineering technology research and development, achievement docking, investment operation and enterprise incubation, so as to realize the transformation from "innovation" to "creation".

With authorization to manage, use and transform intellectual property rights, relying on Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics, Optoelectronics Research Institute carries out the following business:
1) Research, development and trial production of generic technologies and products for industrial applications;
2) Strategic photoelectric technology research and development for regional economic development;
3) Actively organize and participate in industrial alliances to solve major key technical problems in the industry;
4) Solve the problems of enterprise RESEARCH and development and production, and promote the upgrading of the photoelectric industry;
5) Promote small and pilot trials of scientific research achievements, and incubate new optoelectronic technology enterprises;
6) Intellectual property management and right maintenance;
7) Testing and service of photoelectric products;
8) Industrialized personnel training and training;

We through the concise space to show the enterprise persistence and the pursuit of excellence. With a dynamic light bar to convey the vigorous development of the enterprise blue highlight system and mechanism innovation, high-end industry incubation enterprise development concept.



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