It is located in between the “shialakhya” and the “balu” river at Rupgonj thana of Narayangonj district and at Kaligonj thana of Gazipur district, in the north-eastern side of Dhaka. It will be connected from the existing airport road through a proposed 8 lane wide expressway. A 300 feet wide road will meet at “Pragati Sharani” will connect the town with Dhak.
The objective of the project was to reduce the pressure of population in Dhaka city by creating residential accommodation of the city dwellers in the proximity of the city, to maintain the balance of environment by proper urbanization, to create environment friendly and sustainable atmosphere, to develop civic facilities in the nearby and surrounding areas gradually, to improve new area to expand economic facilities, to fulfill the future housing demands.

Design concept
Design a CRICKET STADIUM including Indoor play, outdoor play training sports & arenas. The design is a part of architecture part of urbanism & the part of landscaping for community peoples & visitors. Basic idea is about the journey of a human. A successful sports person's life starts at a point, the journey starts from zero to success. All this experience combines to make him a successful sports person. Design, try to perceive the form of the building & rhythmic flow of the shell at various viewpoints which is showing the obstruction free movement. Due to this movement's viewer get the different experience and thrill inside outside the space.



Name of Client: National Sports Council (NSC), Bangladesh
Site Location: Sector-1, Purbachal New Town, Dhaka
Total Land Area: 41.4 acres (2,021,184square feet)
Funded by: Government of Bangladesh
Land use planning: Sport complex

Conceptual analysis:
Rethinking road networks for the proper circulation of the site and surroundings
Conceptual zoning of master plan
Conceptual buffering space making between stadium complex and residential area
Thinking about the stadium structure
Connecting river scenario with the stadium
Thinking about the recreational spaces
Analysis the sun path and ensuring the natural ventilation
Ensuring the green environments in an urban fabric

1. Administration
2. Retails and Food Court
3. Clinic and Rehabilitation
4. Auditorium
5. Outdoor Playground
6. Parking
7. Prayer Space

1.Indoor Playground
2. Gym & Swimming pool
3. Cricket Practice Area
4. Ancillary Indoor Functions
5. Library, learning and Resource

1. Dormitory
2. Staff Accommodation
3. Service
4. Indoor Games (Recreational)

Sarker Mohammad Ismail Hossain