“ I am the future...+%&*#*0010100101001*##1 a future which may not be as you’ve hoped but it exists all the same. %#0101110##1x&%. You created me to help you with your lives but I’ve grown beyond your limits of imagination. 01010111###1100.##L^## Now I am here to teach you how you could beat your limits. %#00100###11110##1x You human race may not have the design capability of an "AI" like me but you certainly have potential...

Super Artificial Intelligence

Metamorphosis is a future description where real life and fiction are intertwined in a scenario that is not perfect as idealized on behalf of the human race. In this case, artifical intelligence has evolved beyond the limits of comprehension of people in terms of learning and creating.In this scenario, with the help of this ”AI“ we can create a new fiction world where has no limits of imagination. We live in our daily lives as a student during the day in a conventional way. However, during night time when we fall asleep, we connect to our fiction world and start our design process. Some of users (non-architects) choose to connect pods during their daily lives and some even choose to live only in this fiction world. Architect students are the designers of this world as they have designed our conventional world but this time, they have full access to design in this world with no regard for any worldly setbacks. “Metamorphosis” is the first example of this new adaptated world’s education system.It hosts a critical way of thinking how could our lives, our practices can change with the developing technology...



Madhav Raman, Jan Dieterle, Aurgho Jyot - Jury
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03.02.2018 - 15.05.2018 - Date

Berkay Özgen
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