Groundwater in aquifers below the earth's surface is almost half of all drinking water in the world. Groundwater is part of the climate change adaptation process and is often a solution for people who do not have access to safe water. Despite these impressive realities, invisible groundwater is out of sight and irrational for most people. Human activities and climate variability are rapidly increasing pressure on groundwater resources; Serious depletion and pollution problems are reported in many parts of the world.
Along with these problems, the approach to the project was developed under the title of hyrourban acupuncture. Halkapınarı, which contains important water resources for İzmir, is described as an important point in the very center of the city.
And at this point, a canal system is suggested to collect the existing surface water that we have lost. It is predicted that the underground water level will increase with the feeds that can be made to the water wells in Halkapınar. It is predicted that this intervention will set an example for future times and can be used in many different points.

It was requested to have a complete control over a water collection mechanism in the area.With the adjustment of the crust and slopes I designed in the field, I set up a channel system in the flow direction.When we look at the whole project, we can see that it is arranged to collect ground water.It is an important point in the middle of the city that meets the fresh water source.This program works to integrate public space and light hydraulic infrastructures, thus offering an alternative to the usual strategies.



In areas where there is no construction, water returns to nature automatically. In these areas, 50% of the precipitation water is absorbed by the soil and 40% of it evaporates and returns to the atmosphere. Only 10% of it becomes surface currents. In areas where settlement occurs, 55% of the precipitation becomes surface water flow [4]. The biggest factor here is the decrease in water absorbing areas with the increase in structuring. Failure to take the necessary precautions (insufficiency of infrastructure and widespread treatment facilities, etc.) also triggers this problem.

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