Pont D'agua Hotel is the largest city on the island of St Vicenze in the Cape Verde Islands Country. It was selected as one of the 3 safest locations in the world in 2019. The oceanfront coast, year-round warm climate, impressive volcanic rock landscape and bright beaches are gaining attention.
The demand for design was to develop methods that would raise the user class to the upper levels socio-economically in the existing structure. While the 3RE module of our studio works on general renovation, our SET module designs Wooden Additional Units.

We developed our intervention proposal at 4 points for the project.
• Arrangements by the pool that will open the door to intensive use all day and night: Raised and shaded sunbathing areas, enriching the experience with restaurant, lounge and cigar bar functions. To create a function palette to be used outside the hotel with fitness and spa. All new productions are designed to be produced as wooden wall and roof modules in Istanbul.
This wooden buildings will be the core of this investment. They will attract people around the island’s other facilities to here.
All volumes is connected to the poolside. They all are opening tottaly to the deck. Service circulation arranged back of the volumes, almost invisible to the customers.

According to this extention, to align hole hotel functions with this development these upgrades also added.

• To create a kind of "work-focus". To diversify the users, to evaluate the visitor capacity of the island's business-policy circles. For this reason, the courtyard, which has a separate, controlled entrance from the outside, was reserved only for these meeting and discussion areas.
• Additional rooms have been added in order not to reduce the bed capacity by reproducing the rooms to be used for work-focus in the other wing.
• Increasing the street use of the entrance by increasing the functions around the reception. For this aim, a street open-air cafe organized next to the reception.



Pont D’agua Hotel Wooden Poolside Extention
Mindelo / Cape Verde / 2020 / 1600 m2
Wooden modules will produce in the factory.
Content: Hotel and Business Center Renovation and Additional Units
Functions: Hotel, Pool, Lounge Bar, Restaurant, Fitness, Cigar Bar,
Employer: Agatech Construction

Oznur Caglayan (Architect)
Nagihan Ece Ugurlu (Architect)
Hilal Bozkan (Architect)


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