Design Brief :A bar for enjoying art with wine. In the straight inorganic typical ‘box’ made with reinforced concrete, stretched strings across the room, bring a sense of floating dynamic space. The numerous strings connect to points, making a gentle curved flow. Along with the light shining between the strings, multiple shadows from the strings are formed. The changing shadows can be enjoyed through the space by the swaying strings. Design Challenges:Curved surfaces are expressed by aggregation of strings. The strings connect the points in all directions, forming a number of gentle curved surfaces. Some parts are tight, such as Shimenawa (sacred rice-straw ropes), whilst the other part is the opposite, where the strings are gently flowing. The strength of the space is derived from the interplay of light and the strings with that the shadows cast.
Design Results:The light shining through the innumerable perforated facade changes its expression with the passage of time, creating magnitude to the space. The holes and strings that overlap each other with multiple arcs create a gradational shadow with light transmission , giving depth to the space. The design and material helps to smoothly make the space a dynamic area , along with the subtle play of warm colors. The various strings serves as gentle partitions, providing glimpses of different angles. The choice of materials marks the project as different from the many other interior projects with its versatile and recyclable characteristics.



Strings are used to connect between the space, and the paper that looks similar to the Japanese paper is made from French paper with a glass fiber. It has been certified as flameproof in Japan. It is highly versatile and can be used to design various spaces. It is also recyclable.



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