With landscaping as an elemental force in driving the design – Rangoli Greens, Jaipur adds the much-needed 5.5 acres of green space required in the Pink City of Jaipur. Sited away from the pink city with a total of 10,96,483 sq. ft. built-up area, this high-end residential development is situated on the outskirts of Jaipur. A housing establishment that is meticulously thought and designed for the residents, Rangoli Greens brings a wave of new-age apartments bridging the gap between nature and users. All the units of the establishment are planned to be open from three sides. Hence, the fresh air from the windows and the balcony add a soothing element to all abodes and a tinge of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping the design elements consistent throughout the establishment, all the tower drop-offs have Rangoli patterns on the floor. In addition to this, feature walls with similar patterns are also created in front of the drop-offs for each tower. All the tower blocks have an underlying activity area- highlighting the community-driven design development of this project. One of the main highlights of the development is the Clubhouse. This accommodates interactive spaces promoting community participation for the members. The Clubhouse is spread across a total of four floors- with the inclusion of staggered or stepped terrace gardens on each floor used for landscaping and spill out spaces. The USP of the project- being landscape- is also highlighted in the way the green areas are connected to the lobbies and passages. The facade of the building blocks is in golden brown and white, which is in contrast to the vibrant Rangoli Garden, an adjacent establishment, as well as in contrast to the pink city of Jaipur.



In order to cater to the premium needs of housing, the development consists of all high-end facilities and amenities. This is achieved in ways such as- provision of bigger rooms with ample functional spaces, all blocks are surrounded by passageways, etc.

The addition of landscaped areas provides a sense of solitude and tranquillity by creating a closed green envelope, covered on all sides by the high-rise towers. These landscaped areas and the Clubhouse are connected by a series of contoured green patches. The use of levels throughout the site is planned in order to create a sense of seclusion from pollution and outside influence. Rangoli Greens successfully creates a seamless bridge between community and green living.