Project is well located in Rwanda which the eastern African country. Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, has a climate that does not need any mechanical ventilation system 12 months a year. This climate feature is a feature that is not found in almost most countries in the world. In most countries, extreme temperatures or cold weather emerge as an important limiting design input in the design of buildings.The fact that the air is in such a balance that will provide comfort to the human body creates a design input that will allow the spaces to be used in Rwanda to leak and enter the spaces of the house without creating a closed volume together.Handled in this way, the villa project has been handled by placing an outdoor space between the living room and the kitchen, and establishing the harmony of outdoor and indoor use. Instead of going directly to the kitchen in the hall, you can enter the space, which is a semi-open courtyard, and then access other parts of the house. This semi-open space, which is first entered when entering the house, is also the first place used when coming from outside.This semi-open space also hosts the swimming pool. By placing the pool between the living room and kitchen of the house, a privacy area has been created for the users of the house.The saloon of the house has a roof slope that reaches a height of 2 floors. The roof movement that forms the saloon flows towards the 1st floor of the house and is the main factor in the formation of the architectural language of the house with a continuing slab movement.


Concrete Structure
Facade Material: Corrugated Metal Sheet

Selim Senin


WALL Corporation