The project is located in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, an east African country.The apartment complex, designed as two blocks, is supported by commercial spaces at road elevation. An outdoor swimming pool was designed which is raised from the road elevation for apartment users .
Rwanda's historical buildings were taken as a reference while designing the architecture of the buildings. The historical Rwandan King House, which is in the form of a hemisphere, has a very dominant architecture on its own.
The circular architecture of the King House defined the architecture of the apartments, proportioning vertically to cover the desired building area.
The spherical King house, which is a single-storey, defines a 7-storey apartment building and refers to the royal houses with a more horizontal curvature. The building was terminated by bringing the 2 cafes in the attic of the apartments closer to the single-storey global architectural scale with a more curvilinear movement.
The swimming pool, located between the two building blocks, has an organic form by defining it with more curvilinear lines in accordance with the curvilinear architecture of the buildings instead of a rational rectangular form.
The curvilinear column carriers that can be seen on the building façade define the geometry of the building and at the same time form the main columns as carriers.These curvilinear columns and horizontal floor alignments have an architecture where the apartment structure can be clearly read.



26 apartments
Concrete Structure

Selim Senin