Before starting the design, we researched the city's commercial real estate market. Based on the analysis results, the lack of a new, modern shopping and entertainment center was clearly expressed. The main goal was to create a space for the population where they can spend their leisure time and make purchases.

We chose the most favorable and successful location. The shopping and entertainment center will be located between two major roads of the city, on the banks of the Southern Bug River and near Brigantine Park. Thus, the accessibility to the shopping and entertainment center will be convenient, and the presence of a nearby equipped park and the embankment will make shopping even more pleasant.

When creating the exterior of the building, we were inspired by its name "Brigantine", which means the name of one of the types of two-masted ship. The facade on the first two floors imitates a ship's hull and is made of a graphite-colored hinged facade, while the remaining three floors of the shopping and entertainment center will be made of white glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels that imitate sails, and its bends seem to have straightened out from the wind.

The shopping and entertainment center includes: 2 floors of ground parking, 3 floors with retail premises, a food court, a cinema and a children's entertainment area. The territory near the complex will also be improved: playgrounds, recreation areas and the embankment.

The Brigantine will be able to satisfy the needs of city residents and will become a new point of attraction for young people, couples with children.



Shopping mall

Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Site Area:
2,167 ha

Total area of the complex:
90 697 sm

Da Vinchi Group (Iurets Sergei, Alexandra Mel`nyk, Maksim Iurchuk)


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