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The United Arab Emirates is a popular destination for most tourists around the world. It is also home to major air and sea trade in the region. Meanwhile, the city of Abu Dhabi, with 86% of the territory of the United Arab Emirates, has the most ecosystem and political, economic and cultural status. But perhaps the biggest threat to the economy and the decline in tourist attraction and public participation in the city of Abu Dhabi is the increase in global warming and the effects of the heat island caused by climate change in the region. The modernization of the city, with new developments and high-rise construction and the widespread use of glass and metal materials, has accelerated the reflection, absorption and repulsion of city temperatures as much as possible, and urban climate has become unstable, especially in the warmer months of the year (spring to summer).

The high humidity in the sultry weather of the northern and coastal part of Abu Dhabi was considered as an opportunity to overcome the effects of the heat island. In this project, the "GHAF" tree, which is the national tree of the UAE and has unique climatic characteristics, was used, so that both its climatic features can be used and it is possible to create a specific program for the expansion of planting and inviting people to pay attention to this tree. The idea for the ORIGINS project is formed by the absorption of high humidity in the air by white thread fabrics. These fabrics are inspired by the UAE men's thread fabrics, these fabrics cover the space between the Ghaf trees in plaza and public space and the urban sidewalk in parallel layers. These fabrics are moistened in direct contact with air humidity, and after blowing wind and air flow by a clean energy production cycle, reduce the temperature (average 12°C) and the effects of the heat island in the warm months of the year (April-October). The "Origins" project's energy production system is completely self-reliant and environmentally friendly. The amount of energy produced depends on the level of social presence and use of the project, and when reduced productivity, it intelligently prevents the production of excess energy.

With the expansion of the "Origins" project, the city of Abu Dhabi can, with the help of this system and with the participation of the people and the government in helping to expand the design and planting of Ghaf trees, host tourists and more public interactions in the city. The "Origins" project, along with People's support, can boost the economy, tourists, Tower temperatures and the effects of the heat island, revitalize the city, improve the quality of public spaces, promote nightlife and increase social interaction across the city. Also, with the planned planting of Ghaf trees, it can a solution to desertification a large part of the southern desert of Abu Dhabi and improves soil of Abu Dhabi region and create a new life using the valuable originality of the UAE.



The Ghaf tree is the national and traditional tree of the United Arab Emirates. A tree that has special climatic privileges and is very compatible with the specific climatic conditions of the UAE. In order to revive natural values and restore more favorable climatic conditions to the UAE, especially the city of Abu Dhabi, garden planting of these trees has been proposed for urban plaza and sidewalks.


Proposing a photovoltaic system, when the social and public presence in the design
and sidewalk is reduced, and Footstep Power Generation cannot provide the energy required for consumption, the photovoltaic system enters the energy production cycle and produces the required energy, and prevents the project from declining.
1. Design of fabric sheets, layered, and in the direction perpendicular to the prevailing northwest and southeast winds of the site.
2. Absorbs moisture into the air, into the fabric sheets and moisturizes them
3. The prevailing winds hit the wet fabric plates, creating cool, gentle winds for plaza and sidewalks.
Cage trees, along with fabric sheets, always repel sunlight during the day, helping to keep it cool and maintain the right temperature by creating constant shade on the design.

The process of generating clean energy from the floor and photovoltaic system, and transferring energy to the air conditioning system, and creating air flow and blowing it into wet fabric plates, and shading Ghaf trees and fabrics, and creating air circulation at intervals between 2 Ghaf trees, It creates the desired temperature balance and cool air in the design and sidewalk. As a result, there is an urban space for the presence and maximum interaction of people and tourists, in addition to the production of many jobs and the prosperity of the region's economy, and makes social interaction in the city of Abu Dhabi more than before.

• Sajjad Navidi
• Hossein Mohammadpour

Origins by Sajjad Navidi in United Arab Emirates won the WA Award Cycle 37. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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