The composition of the building is based on the prototype of the blades of grass, bent under the warm air currents. In the process of working on the project, this form has acquired the form of a roof that continues to the ground. The apparent unity of the building's volume with the natural relief allows us to define the style of the building as futurism, previously heard in the projects of the architectural bureaus "Tony Owen Partners", "Evolution Design", etc.
The organic, futuristic building is closely interconnected with the exterior space, forming a continuous mutual flow of the landscape with the house: the green lawn, trees and flowerbeds flow smoothly to the roof. The architectural composition of the building develops from the outside to the inside, closely interacting with the environment.
The planning structure of a residential building is based on the principle of functional zoning.
The entrance group of rooms includes: a vestibule, an entrance hall, a guard room, a shared bathroom and a bathroom. They are joined by a staircase hall, a guest-dining room, a kitchen, an office and a guest room. A separate block is allocated to the parents ' bedroom with its own bathroom and dressing room. Kuh-ni has a separate passage to the dining room, as well as access to the terrace. A garage with a vestibule and a boiler room is attached to the building. The entrance to the building from this block is through the common communication rooms.
On the second floor of the residential building there are: bedrooms for three children, a shared bathroom with a Jacuzzi, a bathroom. The family rooms on the second floor are a library and a family room with a pool table.
In the basement of a residential building there are rooms that do not require daily access: storerooms, laundry room, gym, home theater.



A residential building and a small business object are designed to be built-in and attached to improve the energy efficiency of construction.
The projected building has the shape of two combined rectangles. Overall dimensions in the axes are 28, 7x27, 9 m.
The height of the entire building is 32.1 m. The number of floors is 3. The height of the above-ground floors is 3.3 m, the basement is 3 m. The building is without a roof. The floor level of the first floor of the residential part of the building is taken as the mark 0.000. Mark of the planning surface of the earth: -0.450 m.
The building has several entrances:
1. Main entrance, through the vestibule;
2. Auxiliary entrance via garage and vestibule;
3. Summer entrance from the terrace through the kitchen-provides a connection between the house and the surrounding area.
All entrances are equipped with canopies.
The roof of the building is slightly inclined, with a slope of 5 degrees. Drainage-external organized with the release of the blind area.
The structural system of the building is frameless, with external transverse and internal transverse load-bearing walls. The rigidity and stability of the system is achieved due to the transverse load-bearing walls of the stairwell and the connection of the floor elements with the walls.

Sakova Vita Alexandrovna, student
Vasilenko Natalya Anatolyevna, Associate Professor
Chernysh Nadezhda Dmitrievna, Associate Professor


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