Homeland Renaissance
Is Post-War Rehabilitation Center for civilians and Warriors who were affected by the February 17 revolution in Libya and the subsequent wars, psychologically and physically, and the treatment in this center is a journey of hope and renaissance for the sick, and the goal of this trip is that the patients do not feel that they are in a separated place, but feel comfort and hope as if they are walking around In a city overlooking nature and interspersed with nature, including lakes, trees, and sea.

Types of Rehabilitation Therapy
- Physical therapy
- Psychological therapy

The Journey sequence
The buildings on the facade overlooking the city mimic the city in terms of its height and use,
and whenever we enter the project, the elevations begin to fade, bit by bit, and we are in the middle garden It represents the beginning of the disappearance of the diseases represented in the city noise and the approaching recovery, represented by scenes overlooking the sea and the lake. When moving to buildings that are connected to the lake or that overlook the sea, the grandeur of the buildings in the city will have faded, and the connection with the water will be more direct. This sequence expresses the state of the users and how the diseases disappear gradually and the recovery that is expressed by the meeting point with the water.

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Location : Al-kiesh lake, Benghazi, Libya

Project Departments
- Clinics
- In-Patient accommodation
- Community interactions
- Entertainment
- Pool and Spa

Site area 35,000 sqm
Buildings footprint 10,825 sqm

Saluha Elmhdui
Supervised by Dr.Hadeer Merza