Our customers are very fond of traveling to exotic countries, and have chosen Berlin for permanent residence. For them, this house is an album of memories and impressions, so even at the brief stage, we were inspired to create an atmospheric space in ethnic style.

The mood of the master bedroom is set by floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the garden. The centerpiece of the open space is Alys bed. In addition to it, there is a Doodle couch from Moroso. This combination of volumes and textures can be traced in the interior of the bathroom. In each room, we also offered a place to relax, such as in the bathroom, bedroom or wardrobe - everywhere the atmosphere seems to be conducive to relaxation.

We developed the layout by integrating the interior design into the surrounding nature. To support the landscape, we chose a light color for the walls, natural materials for the facades of the furniture and a light wood effect flooring. So, we achieved the feeling of blurring the boundaries between the outside and the inside, and recreated the distinctive atmosphere of this house.

The furniture is minimalistic in character and complex in shape. There are a minimum of lamps in the space - just enough to illuminate important functional areas, and make recreation areas cozy. Several unusual sculptures were placed in the bedroom and the dressing room, in which everyone will see something of their own.

The interior turned out to be very comfortable and calm due to the predominance of light and muted tones. A few accent pieces of furniture, such as a bed or a separate bathtub, add character and expressiveness to it.



Project Location: Germany, Berlin
Project Size : 130 sq.m

Man Studio
Designer: Alen K