The progettuale proposal deep, in its articulation spaces them, limits and borders between city landscape and natural landscape. Reinterpreta the concept of “city margin” like unexplored place, I saturate of frictions and tensions, are physics that perceptive able of giving to peripheral new origin centralità. The plan is shaped like along horizontal plan on which they insist the several previewed public and private structures from the announcement of competetion linearly distributed on nearly all the participation area. The system establishes one strongly relation with the adjacent city woven one aligning itself orthogonally and being moderate itself with the virtual extension of the city aces of R.I give to Dr. Carmeiro Pacheco and R. donates Maria gives Carmo Azeved. The two aces that give to order and hierarchy to the city system existing find therefore, in the proposed hypothesis of plan, their solution of continuity from the lodgings on one side and the ostello of the youth from the other. The proposal progettualo proposes a articulation of the such space to create a relation directed between space public and private space, trying of reinterpretare the contemporary lifestyle like the necessity of recovery of those social values tipoci Particular importance comes given to the public space, that it constitutes a strategic priority in the composition of the plan, is like connecting structure that like privileggiato place action to guarantee a strong and qualitative image of the territory. The system of the city green has one its clear definition that characterizes the space of logon between private public and, flanks the river gives Matadouro shaping itself like equipped park while on the quota the plan plan it assumes a such articulation from porsi as measuring element of the long space all the development of the plan. This linearity establishes a relation directed with the system of the existing practicability allowing to a its easy attainment and attraversamento. Particular attention has been given to the aspects of the ecological sostenibilità and of the development of the natural resources and to I use it of local materials