The "Grand Paris" project is a concept started in Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris in 2008.
It presents the extension of the city of Paris to the parisien suburbs.
This project includes many smaller projects which connect the 14th departement of Paris to Montrouge.
This study has started to solve many urban problems such as the traffic & pollution problem by creating a new square which can provide and offer many kind of services.
The aim of this project is to improve Parisiens life and help the urban planning of the city to become a part of the lifestyle and a new interesting area.
Its overall structure in concrete is covered by green roofs.
The buildigs have a metallical structure which is choosen for giving an elasticity to all this concept.
The concept is to create squares into squares. Smaller squares will be part of the big square concept with different use each one.
Shopping centers, shops, offices, the underground station of line 4, medical centers, buses, playgrounds, cafeterias, restaurants and many other activities will improve and change the image of this area.
By the end of 2024, porte d'Orleans could be connected to Montrouge area.
The city of Paris will extend its urban limits and Parisiens will have more opportunities to get a better life.



Overall structure is concrete, covered by green roofs.
Metallical structure.

Maria Tsakoniti is an Architect Engineer BIM & Urban planner graduated from DESA Paris & Sorbonne Paris 4.
Since 2016, she is a pre Phd student at the University of Sorbonne Paris 4.
She has participated to many architectural projects and urban studies such as the rehabilitation of the old town of Tokyo city, (a collaboration with Tokai University & Ecole Speciale d'Architecture), the urban study for the rehabilitation of Guadalajara city in Mexico, (a collaboration with the university of Sorbonne Paris 4) and the "Grand Paris"study concerning the extension of Paris city to its suburbs by studying the connexion between Porte d'Orlean & Montrouge for the Town Hall of Paris.
She has been a professor assistant in Ecole Special d'Architecture and she has won many awards & prizes such as the 1st Award for her Diploma Study concerning the bioclimatic & ecological development on the island of Spinalonga in Crete Greece, the local sustainable development of Crete, especially for the department of Lassithi Crete etc.
She participated in the urban study for the extension of Paris city to Montrouge for Olympic Games.