Coronavirus has surprised humanity by sweeping across all countries of the world, causing a magnificent number of infected cases. Consequently, the lives of millions of people are on the line, which required everyone in his position and profession to come together to find sustainable or temporary solutions to contribute to combating co vid 19 and limiting its spread as a part of taking responsibility for the people and society. Architectures is taking the lead to improve the seven dimensions of wellness factors which are physical, emotional, intellectual, social spirituals, environmental and occupational by the integration of appropriate design for the spaces and buildings with taking into account the human needs and the pandemic cases that might happen in line with that on the rapid spread of the virus, we tackle to deal promptly with all circumstance in a very practical method to provide a temporary and fast implementation innovation which could reduce the numbers of infected people as well as providing the opportunity for the critical cases to be received in the hospitals based on the home quarantine of the suspected infection or the virus carriers whose infection did not worsen regardless of the differentiation of home spaces according to the population density, marital situation and economic conditions, the main goal is to provide a means to accommodate the cases. However, where they're living in either small or spacious space is back to normal life through social awareness and successful quarantine. For those with co vid 19 symptoms, the slogan of the inflatable bubble is simply playing that role. To recognize this message, the inflatable bubble tent would be the main pod. To isolate patient during the quarantine as well as the balloon would be a symbolic expression to celebrate the end of the pandemic. The main factor of proposing such a temporary inflatable tent is the belief that coronavirus is a casual event and humanity should not stop the resistance and find the solution to overcome and continue the prosperity and progress.



The main concept is to provide a suitable space containing necessary facilities for quarantine with the advantage of keeping the visual connection. Taking into count the following.

Full Isolation: The tent will be totally isolated with the gap-air edges from PVC material. WC with Shower to prevent the patient from using the home toilet.

Connectivity: The patient visually connected with family members through the transparent PVC is very essential for the whole family and the patient's psychological health.

Safety: The sterilized delivery window is the only connecting point between the patient and others. To deliver food, water, and medicine, so the patient should keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the window during the receiving.

Relief: Providing all necessary items for the temporary accommodation during the quarantine like single bed, chair, table, private toilet, shower, internet, and fresh air outlet.

Reuse: Tent would be easily sterilised after the quarantine and reuse for another case.

Mobility: Tent is very lightweight and it can be moved and carried anywhere.

Flexibility: It could be used internally inside rooms or externally at the house garden, also possible to be a prototype.

Simplicity: Tent's components acting as inflatable one unit, except the toilet and shower which are simple camping products.

Economical: achieving an affordable solution that does not exceed the amount 1000$ was the key role to present the proposed concept, especially for the mass production the budget could be less compared to the prices of similar examples.

We desire that our proposal is helping the people in the pandemic period, and we can all together soon celebrate the end of it with coming back to the normal life.

Melar Design