With the escalating stress levels in life today, the importance of leisure and recreation, especially in the form of travel and exploring, has seen an immense boost. This popular trend of travelling for the reenergizing of the soul and quenching the thirst of exploration has in turn resulted in an influx in the hospitality and hotel industry. It is hence a prerogative for architects and hoteliers to develop facilities that leave the best picture of the hospitality and rich heritage of India and also provide the utmost level of relaxation and tranquillity. The Sarovar Portico Hotel, Gujarat by Designers Group is a fine example of a splendid hotel, designed to encapsulate all needs of users under one roof and engulf the affiliation to the rich legacy of Indian hospitality.

Situated in the land of legends and lions, Hotel Sarovar Portico accentuates the imperial wonder the city radiates. Glisteningly spread over a span of 8267 sq.mt., this fascinating hotel takes joy to another level of decorous, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and undulating landscape. Inspired by the rich heritage of architecture, art & craft and cultural influences of Gujarat, the overall schema has been contemporarily outlined in a minimalistic design language with a theme highlighting a unique identity with the incorporation of locally sourced indigenous materials. Initially signed up under the brand of Portico, Hotel Sarovar Portico was later upgraded in order to create a premium benchmark, owing to the flourishing market scenario at Junagadh.



At the inception itself, the soft color scheme radiates glory in a way that acts food for the soul. The overall planning is meticulously depicted in a trailblazing design scheme circumscribing public areas on the ground and the guest area at upper levels to serve an efficient functional regime. The reception backdrop acquires a fusion of Kutch embroidery and Lippan artwork in honeycomb pattern. The ceiling accessorized with lights in the same honeycomb pattern complements the schema of the space. The main wall is instilled with graphical custom wallpaper and metal screens/jaali with geometrical pattern in public and guest area.

The pool area has been marked by roofless standalone walls with huge door like openings for a visual enclosure and a magnanimous palace architecture feel. A considerable amount of seating space, divided between bench style family tables and small couple seating, has been provided around the pool for casual meeting and relaxing. The pool features three fixed beach chairs in the midst for an elaborated experience.

The main coffee shop also displays a beautiful blend of modern and contemporary with dashes of traditional architecture and elements. For instance, the dessert and salad podium is a fixed sculptural table that stands right in the middle flanked by a jaali partition that divides the whole space into two, not physically but on terms of visual categorization. The back wall is highlighted with a massive textural art piece that show the Girnar hills. The furniture also has a muted colour palette and velvet finish that is emphasized by the exotic pendant lights and deck style hardwood flooring.

Artwork with the influence of elements and characteristics from the heritage architecture prevailing in Junagadh forms the core inspiration of the wallpaper in the rooms designed for guests. The muted colour tone paired with contemporary design, hardwood flooring, strategic lighting and abundant circulation space gives a surreal feel of rustic luxury. The attached washrooms also follow the same theme with the use of grey porous granite and open grain wood.

Bequeath to a lush, fresh and vibrant vibe to the ambience is the pensively designed terrace. Its coherent and moderate persona is assimilated through serene furniture and minimalistic use of material, rooting an unconstrained and breezy spirit to the atmosphere.

Global in terms of look and feel but primeval with the touch of influences, this exquisite hotel unfolds a dynamic experience, standing out amongst the most adored destinations in Gujarat.