Owing to the brief by the client, this terrace space stands true to the idea of opulence. It exemplifies austere beauty, elegant tactility, experimental sublimity and meticulous efficiency. Every component of the apartment from the design concept, materials deployed, light fixtures and furniture sculpts the space to represent congenial splendor.
The entryway establishes the core notion and sets the tone which prevails throughout the apartment. The plush and muted Michelangelo marble and the shot of vibrancy added by the forest green onyx stone adds continual character to the apartment. The exquisite light fixtures from Hermes contribute as a vital dimension to this design story.
The impeccable ambience celebrates the embracing spirit of the client and gives the most luxurious welcome to every guest. The vibe it bears is that of a luxe lounge.
The lounge manifests hints of flamboyant yet sophisticated European accents with the exclusive furniture pieces operating as expressive
artistic features. Our elemental attempt accomplished in this was to add aesthetics, inspiration and comfort to a functional space in style.
The utility of this terrace lies for the pleasure and leisure of the family and guests, thus maintaining supreme aesthetics and appropriate (minimal) amount of furniture, maintaining open spaces to solve the purpose of relaxation and maintaining a connection with nature and also hosting huge parties. Lighting helps to accentuate and elevate the details of any open area. This personifies luxury and grandeur. The client demanded magnificence and an extravagant experience for every member of the family.
The space was a complete suite property. The luxurious details incorporated in the living resonating with the local spirit.The space was a real treat to design while adding onto the sparkling aura of the arena. Anything and everything in the rooms, from a basic tray to the bedside table untangle the saying “luxury is in each detail”.
With design, geometry & surreal experiences, This project is a blessing in disguise exploring its charm. It is a place once visited that would leave a long-lasting impression on the visitor’s mind.



We pay more attention to making space stable when creating the quality of the space to make space and life patterns coordinated.

Mr.Amit Porwal