Design Intentions :
* The study area chosen is the Tunisian SOUTH-EAST which has experienced strong growth in agricultural activity for centuries, as can be seen with the Ksours of this area who bear witness to this activity.

*Today this area is experiencing a neglect of agricultural activity by young people who prefer to immigrate illegally than to work their land, because the rural habitat of this area is synonymous with discomfort and lack of convenience.
*Technological innovation allows us to ensure all the necessary autonomy in terms of electricity, water, network and waste treatment in rural housing.

This leads us to the next question:

*How to settle the young people in a modern and autonomous habitat in the place of agricultural production of the Tunisian SOUTH-EAST zone?
Thanks to the understanding of reading the typologies of the study area and the analysis of the reference projects, I was able to formulate an idea on how to design my housing prototype in the SOUTH-EAST Tunisian area.

*The idea is to design this unit with all the amenities of an urban apartment to meet the needs of users, with an ecological and environmental approach and a self-build approach with local and accessible materials.
*My objective is to encourage young people today who are unemployed, or looking for work to return to their land and develop agriculture in the Tunisian SOUTH-EAST zone, and offer them a housing unit with all the amenities of modern living and with a self-build option so that residents can build their homes and expand according to their needs.



*The project is an autonomous housing unit in water, electricity and sanitation which is intended for young single farmers or families.

Meycem Naceur
Narimane Boucenna