Hiirulaisenkuja Day-care center is located in a cozy neighborhood in the city of Oulu, and is surrounded by nature. Its purpose is to provide kids with the best possible environment to grow and learn.

Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd has designed the new log-structure day-care center in the local district of Hiironen, Oulu. The project has been implemented in co-operation with Honkarakenne. It is the first pilot project of the modular day-care center collection designed for Honkarakenne by Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd.

The collection consisting of functional modules can be easily adapted to different destinations of different sizes. The day-care center began operation in the beginning of 2015. It is made of massive log, and it is part of the construction solutions in accordance with Honkarakenne's Terve Talo™ (Healthy House) concept, developed together with the Allergy and Asthma Federation and certified by the Technical Research Center of Finland. These solutions pay particular attention to quality construction and the purity of indoor air as well as the use of healthy and safe construction materials.

In the design of the day-care centre, attention has been paid to the surrounding nature, natural light and a pleasant acoustic environment. In the architecture, large building masses are divided, together with outbuildings and playhouses, into smaller "huts", closer to the children's own scale. The architectural modellings make of the yard a protecting lap for the children, where it's nice to play.



New construction: 590 brm²
Address: Hiirulaisenkuja 6, 90250 Oulu

Principal designers: Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo
Pa-La team: Philippe Gelard