Affected by globalization, the epidemic has spread. Faced with the threat of various emergency infectious diseases, some areas began to appear shortage of wards and hospitals. At the same time, hospitals produce waste gas, waste water not only cause great harm to the Earth's environment, but also affect people's health. We aim to solve these problems.

We design a medical room which can be assembled quickly, so those people who suffer from infectious diseases, natural disasters and war can receive independent humanitarian aid and perfect medical service quickly. Hexagonal modular structures and waste filtration units that can be assembled quickly into a mobile hospital to cater to different medical situations.

Hospitals produce waste gas and water that need to be safely treated so that they don’t harm the community or the environment. In a pandemic situation, this becomes an issue when medical space has to be set up quickly. Regenerate is a modular mobile hospital that addresses this problem.Hexagonal modular units and a modular contaminant filtration system can be quickly assembled to provide the most appropriate medical space for different circumstances. The modular contaminant filtration system will be located where waste gas and water are generated. This provides greater design flexibility when stacking and combining the modules to create the space that is needed.

The process of packaging and transporting the modular units is also much simplified. Whether it is situated in a remote countryside, desert zones or disaster-hit areas, Regenerate can rovide complete equipment and customisable medical service for even the most extreme of situations. We aim to provide a mobile medical space that is friendly to both people and the environment.



-Range of prototype size, from the makeshift hospital with only 10 ward beds and the medical center with hundreds of ward beds.
-The contaminant filtration system is modular and is located in the medical area where waste gas and waste water are generated.
-Negative pressure isolation room can prevent the cross contamination from one room to another room, such as COVID-19 and MDR-TB.
-The packaging is transport-friendly, so it can be quickly delivered to the places in need.
-It can be used under diverse climatic conditions with complete medical equipment and facilities.

Lead Architect: Qin-Chao Zhou
Design Team: Qin-Chao Zhou, Wan-Hsuan Wu
Project Professor: Yan-Ting Chen

Regenerate: The Mobile Hospital by Qin Chao Zhou in Taiwan won the WA Award Cycle 35. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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