The main concept or can be said that main seed that germinated to shape the entire thought process, which played the key element to mold each and every space is changing the idea of public mobility and creating the space which connects with people gives them a relief from this pandemic stress.

The design consist a correlation of open, semi open and covered spaces. All the three spaces are connected in such a manner that they compliment each other.

The Indian architecture has been influenced by history, culture and religion. It has been shaped over time so by keeping contextual architecture in mind the building and space are designed in a context that they seamlessly become the part of the existing site .

In order to accomplish the thought process and to fight the pandemic following things has been covered:
COVID 19 : As a result of the emergence of COVID-19 outbreak, a situation of socioeconomic crisis and profound distress rapidly occurred world wide. The major rule which everyone has to follow in this pandemic is SOCIALDISTANCING norm which has been kept in mind at every step of designing this building and proper sanitizing facilities are provided at different areas and sanitization of building after different intervals are made compulsory . Temperature screening will also be conducted of every person before letting them inside the terminal.
• So The form of the terminal is inspired from a gesture of pressing a sponge ball which act as a stress buster as with the help of technology and design the chances of spread of covid-19 within the terminal is very less.
• The length of the footpaths are given according to the bus length, so that passengers can wait on the terminal accordingly.
• Seating arrangements are given by proper following of social distancing norms.
• Copper is good at killing viruses it kill 96% of coronavirus within hours so copper coating is provided at many places in the building like seating , cash counters , at the counters of shops etc.
• Fluorescent lights has been given at the sides of footpath which will emit U.V rays and help to reduce the effect of virus and no extra lighting will be needed .
• Protective screens are provided at cash counters , shops, restaurant counters and every other possible place .
Contextual and sustainable architecture :
• Bathinda is well known for its cooling towers and military so the columns has been inspired from the cooling towers .
• cut out is something which makes the building more lively so a cut out is given in the center of a terminal which is in total context with bathinda and reflects its beauty in its own way in the form of a creative library to shower the knowledge on the people of bathinda as their is no public library available in the city.
• Natural light plays on the comfort, health and mood of the human. So efficient natural lights has been brought inside the terminal as compare to the artificial light by giving light wells .
• Use of jalli screens is important part of Indian and sustainable architecture so jalli screens has been provided to cut down on direct sun and thereby the heat ingress. it also allows movement of air breeze and ventilation and reduce a.c load which further help in spread of virus as it stays longer in cold environment.
• A solar water fountain is given in which a water pump is connected to solar panel, With no battery.




New judicial court complex , Jalalabad

In, Bathinda the summers are short, sweltering, humid, and clear where as winters are short, cool, dry, and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 43° to 106° F and is rarely below 38° or above 113° F
ALL year average climate and weather in Bathinda
High Temp. 43°C
Low Temp. 7°C
Mean Temp. 26°C
Precipitation 25.5mm
Humidity 60%
Entry and Exit
Entry to the bus terminal and exit from it is via badal bathinda road.
The bus terminal have only one main gate which is used for the entry and exit of both buses and 2W and 4W vehicles. which create chaos. the parking of vehicles is very near to the main gate .


• Bathinda is not only an important district headquarters of malwa region of Punjab but also an emerging regional city . It has large military cantonment, a thermal plant, a fertilizer plant etc. Recently a state-of-the-art airport has been constructed here to cope us with growing traffic.
- Keeping the above scenario in mind obviously, the city needs a well equipped bus terminal.
• In the existing bus terminal there is no proper traffic circulation pattern.
-Buses and vehicular movement is not segregated.
-No designated bay for pedestrian movement.
• This particular site is quite challenging since it has only one entrance for arrival and departure of buses and vehicles. Moreover it has a market nearby due to which traffic problem and public transportation problem is severe.
-So through this site their is an opportunity to give some back for the development of area and by creating entries and segregating the traffic.
-And also keeping the factor of covid in mind , chaos is often created on the existing terminal due to wish it requires many changes for proper social distancing circulation.

SWOT Analysis

- Good quality of buses are avaliable at the terminal
- There is easy access from terminal to nearby streets as well as highways.
- School and medical center are very near to the site which becomes more important during pandemic
- Regularity and ensuring passengers safety specially during COVID-19
- Well experienced and cooperative working staff
- Site is near to the market

- Terminal have only one entrance
-Two or four wheeler parking is very near to the main entrance .
- Market area is very busy because of bus stand
-Lots of noise pollution is generated in market due to buses
- Higher water table
-Obligatory social service like, fare concession to students, senior citizens , physically challenged people.
-It is problem that drivers are reluctant to environmental education due to lack of awareness
- Unavailability of bus station with comfortable and segregated seats according to social distancing norms.
-Lack of proper road traffic pedestrian bridges in congested routes .
-Lack of infrastructure and technology
-Proper seating arrangements according to social distancing rules
-Segregation of buses and vhicular movement by providing different entries.
-Providing proper traffic circulation pattern OR change in the view of citizens on traffic issue .
-Must increase e-booking and promoting online transactions.
-Thinking of environment protection in the region .
-Efficient use of technology for safety purposes, specially for avoiding spread of COVID-19.
-Creating a safe and new normal.
-Continuously increasing number of self owned vehicles i.e two wheelers, four wheeler specially after the pandemic.
- High burden of taxation
- Poor connection between technological changes & innovation and functioning of the undertakings.
-Low no. of public parking within the market.
-High traffic arround the bus stand and difficulty in movement and transit .
-Day to day increasing wide spread of the disease COVID-19.

Rajat Mittal
Anuj Goyal