Abu Dhabi is home to more than 200 islands and upcoming man-made islands, each offering something unique to residents and visitors.

This unique design takes its inspiration from the coral reef formations known as atoll, which is a ring left from a disappearing underwater volcano.

This man-made island is a result of 7 atolls combined and intricate as one sea bed formation designed to host and protect the water bungalows and land bungalows from sea currencies and natural forces.

The architecture approach is minimalist in nature to complement the island landscape, and provide a getaway destination for visitors escaping the busy city life.

An iconic arrival lounge, with its striking three geometric sail structures, would act as a visual reference throughout the island and will create a dramatic scene of arrival reminding it’s visitors of this unique experience in a unique resort island.

The landscape has been carefully designed to reduce the water usage through a selection of local and adoptive plants that are salt tolerant.

The back of house structures are all covered with solar panels acting as floating solar farm that will help power the development.

The location, infrastructure, innovative design, sights, plants and animal life are unique yet true to the desert life of Abu Dhabi.

This project is being developed closely with the local authorities and ambiental institutions, specifically with the EAD - Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi in order to protect the natural marine life present on the site.



Client: Confidential
Type: 5 Star Man-made Island Resort & Boutique Hotel,115 keys
Operator: Waldorf of Astoria by Hilton
AREA: 38,000.00 m² BUA total
Scope: Design and Supervision
Status: Detail Design
Date: Completion 10/2020

Architects: JT + Partners


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