Sichuan-Hong Kong Cooperative Demonstration Park is located in the Tianfu New Area, Meishan City, adjacent to Longquan Mountain. The west side of the site is the beautiful Chaisan River Wetland Park while the south side is the Nantianfu Park. The rich natural landscape resources have created excellent environmental conditions for the development of the region.

The project fully exploits the advantages of the surrounding natural resources, and explores vision and spatial level changes in architecture. Architects hope the project is both a solemn urban exhibition hall, with a magnificent atmosphere to show visitors the image of new region, but also with an open attitude to embrace nature, creating a sense of harmony for the residents. With the key design concept of "embrace", architects break the original closed boundary, and finally present the natural landscape and living scene.

The architectural language is presented in a modern aesthetic form, and the functional setting of public space is in line with the local culture, so that more inclusive. The west side of the building is completely open, creating a landscape channel from the nature to the interior, and the view is enriched. The inner courtyard becomes a space for interaction between landscape, city roads and buildings, thus better perceiving the relationship between the environment and urban life. Sound, light, wind is also free shuttling here, providing a rich lighting and ventilation for the relatively enclosed indoor space.

The ground floor, as the main tour space, forms the urban interface and the gray space through the chic curved columns, erasing the boundaries between the inside and outside. The first floor with the intervention of the inner atrium makes two exaggerated volume integrated into an organic whole.

In the best-view spaces that the west, south and north side, architects adopt high-permeable high-reflective glass. As to the relatively private interior space, enameled glass can not only ensure the indoor sight permeability, but can also provide privacy for activities. The metal aluminum plate is an adaptive choice for the convergence of materials. Under the premise of waterproofing, the coexistence of different materials enhances more details and levels of contrast to the whole building.



Site area (m²):7497.92
Building area (m²): 3865.80
Plot ratio:0.49

Wang Shen, ZHOUYU RDC, Zhao Pengcheng, Su Haiyang

Sichuan-Hong Kong Cooperative Demonstration Park by Zhenhan Li in China won the WA Award Cycle 35. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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