A shopping mall is typically, a shopping complex connected by walkways. It provides
shopping as well as entertainment options to the target consumers. It generally,
contains one anchor store, which consumes twenty five percent of its retail space. In
addition a mall contains specialty stores for clothes, accessories, home needs, books,
as well as food court, multiplexes and entertainment zones308
A Shopping Mall or Shopping Center is a building or Set of buildings that contain
retail units, with interconnecting Walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit
to unit.
Mall is generally used to refer to a large Shopping area usually composed of a single
building which contains multiple shops. Usually anchored by one or more department
stores surrounded by a parking lot. Therefore mall can refer to a place where a
collection of shops all adjoins a pedestrian area that allows shoppers to walk without
interference from vehicle traffic.
 In most of the world the term shopping center is used in North America and
large extent in Asia it is called as Shopping Mall.
 Malls in Ireland are pronounced as ―Maills‖, are typically very small shopping
centers placed in the center of town.
 Shopping centers in the United Kingdom can be referred to as shopping
centers, shopping precincts or just precincts.
There has been an increasing saturation of markets in developed countries like the
United States and Europe. Luxury brands are targeting markets with huge potential
like the emerging markets of China, India other Asian economies. These countries
have grown to be an exciting market for luxury brands of the world. The Government
of India granted foreign companies to own a controlling interest of 100 percent in
operating single brand stores. India‘s changing demographics and fast growing
economy provides an excellent opportunity for existing luxury brands in the Indian
retail market.
The term, ‗Mall can mean market for all‘. The first mall was constructed in Canada
and was known as West Edmonton mall. A mall comprises of Shopping complexes,
food courts and retail outlets. Malls usually cater to ‗ Shopatainment (Shopping and
Entertainment). Today malls are gaining importance as the disposable incomes of
consumers are increasing. Consumers visit malls to pass time shop and also to dine at
the restaurants located in the malls. There is development of rich in mall segment,
which is catering to particular segment of people, they are meant for specific types of
products which are called as specialty malls.



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