Nemesi Architects project for the Yun Xi Jin Ting Center in Shenzhen, involves the construction of the large hall of 3000 square meters of a residential complex consisting of two towers of 30 floors each, hosting exhibition, commercial and tertiary spaces, as well as a sales area (Sale Center). In the Sale Center there are apartment prototypes together with the sales office.
These are spaces complementary to the residences, typical of the Shenzhen real estate market, in which the distribution types of the residences are very repetitive, while the common spaces and the sales areas represent the most expressive and qualitative part of the real estate complex, maximizing its commercial value.
The concept behind the project is the construction of a real architecture-landscape, which changes and transforms along the way, offering the visitor always new views, and where the border between inside and outside is ambiguous, to expand the size of the public space inside the building. The space of the hall is in fact conceived as a protected public square, a meeting place and sociability in Shenzhen.
The three-dimensionality of the project creates an enveloping and fluid space, a excavated place, a metaphor for water, a place where life originates, which by excavating the material draws surprising landscapes; in the realization of the project these hollow shapes are made of curved white panels of pre-fabricated piumacemento, in which the materiality of the concrete interacts with the abstraction of the glass and water that flows on the flat glass walls.
The smooth stone and glass floor helps to restore the idea of ​​water flowing through the rock.



Year: 2019
Place: Shenzhen, China
Client: Shenzhen Rongjiang Industrial
Assignment: Preliminary, definitive, executive project.
Project surface: 1800 m2

Architects: Nemesi Architects srl, arch. Michele Molé and arch. Susanna Tradati, Huge Rock Design - Project leader: Michele Molè - Local architect and artistic direction: Wu Wenli, Lu Weiying - Design Group: Giuseppe Zaccaria, Alessandra Giannone, Marco Tanzilli, Claudia Ricciardi, Paolo Maselli. Furniture design: Pucaochenshe Design