WOWDSGN is a Nordic collection brand for home furnishing, aiming at presenting extraordinary daily designs and pursuing a premium quality of life. The WOWDSGN Shanghai MixC Store (short for WOWDSGN MixC ) is the first offline furniture store. It projects customers’ impressions of daily life on the interior to recall customers’ subtle perception and memory. Our idea applies a series of natural form, presenting the idea of “return to nature”, which coincides with Nordic furniture as well.

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, directed by Sergio Leone in 1966, plays a pivotal role in WOWDSGN MixC. The gunfight at the beginning happened in a shabby arched kitchen. The multiple arches divided the space into several scenes, acting as scenography containing daily furniture and everyday life. The director is shooting the arches and the furniture sets rather than the gunfight, which makes the scenes detached from the film as an autonomous furniture store documentation.

When it comes to WOWDSGN MixC, the multiple arches offer independent bays which become a series of scenes. Arches reveal their spatial tension rather than structural and mechanical properties. In this case, we take the authority of geometric form and even transform it. The curved arch not only obtains spatial tension but also converge dramatic scenography through different directions. In addition, the material of the arches is inspired by Alvar Aalto’s bending woods. The cherry veneer coated with varnish was applied to the arches.

The whole interior is divided into three parts. The front hall serves as a small accessories display area. The central hall presents the daily scenes such as the dining room and living room. And the back hall has a bedroom scene. We want to create a private daily living place within public Shopping MALL, offering guests the immersion at home.



Floor height:4.5 meters
Area: 243 sqm

Hongkai Li, Project Lead, UDG Studiowestwood
Xiaowan Qin, Project Manager, UDG Studiowestwood
Boyan Chen, Project Architect, UDG Studiowestwood
Chunyang Ma, Designer, UDG Studiowestwood
Yuanhang Wang, Designer, UDG Studiowestwood

WOWDSGN Shanghai MixC Store by UDG-STUDIO WESTWOOD in China won the WA Award Cycle 34. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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