Site inculcates concept of built open space giving importance to pedestrian friendly environment . Design generates the experiential quality of built open philosophy that user of the space enjoys surprising elements generating the life between the buildings. A central business district (CBD) is the commercial and often function as the business centre of a city. The land use in the central business district may follow the core frame model of urban structure. It is likely to have many of the following characteristics: Geographical centre of the settlement, Distinct land use patterns different from the surrounding areas, High concentration of public buildings and offices, High rise buildings to maximize land use of expensive real estate, Activities concentrated in areas of functional zoning
Commercial area in Amritsar constitutes 3 percent of the total city area. The walled city, Amritsar is the major commercial area of the city having many specialized bazaars. The total character of the walled city is marked by mixed land use with commercial use on the ground floor while with residential on the upper floors. This pattern is more pronounced in the areas defined by Katra Ahluwalia, Karmon Deori, Shastri Market, Hall Bazaar etc wherein the availability of space is a constraint and land prices are very high. Development of integratedly planned business centre will prove as the economic advantage to the city.

Key Issue for Need: The markets of the walled city are highly congested and have high density. Due to absence of adequate parking and organized commercial area the movement in these areas has been hampered. There is no planned business centre for carrying out the business practices in regulated manner. This has affected the trade of the markets and thus their existence. No market is dedicated to selling of traditional industrial products of the city, to achieve good marketing of traditional products of the city. No commercial complex and offices are for banking, insurance exists in the city.



Total site (35 acre)
Total Built-up Area: 232554 Sq. Mt.


Road Area =20589 Sq.Mt.(14.5%)
Open Space Area =67091 Sq.Mt. (47.3%)

Amy Arora

Supervisior: Ar. Nitin Batra