Design: NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Design)

This project is located in Krishnagiri, which is near Bangalore. This place is developing into a fashion sub-hub.

This project is considered taking fashion technology and it's students as main users. The campus provides various interesting places to get inspired and relaxed. It showcases the connection between nature and humans.The curves of the plan are derived from nature, where everything is circular from the ripples in the water to annual rings in trees. Though the building is not a symbiont of nature it can be considered as a metaphor.

The abundant outer patio helps people communicate and socialize. Each space is well lit and ventilated. The landscape runs through the building which mostly includes vernacular plants. The skylight creates patterns throughout the day.

The administration block though isolated is also well connected for easy circulation. Having abundant space for each activity provides a calm and soothing environment. Pathways for cycle and pedestrians are provided separately. No other vehicles that pollute the environment are let inside.

Each wall is meant to produce grandiose and also there are walls where students can unleash their creativity by any means, such as painting it. The OAT is in such a way that IT can be accessed both from in and out of the building and there are also provisions on the first floor from where you can watch without forcing yourself to come down to OAT. This project is not only built for education but also to socialize and experience a new environment with new faces.



Area : 8352 m2

Vidya Ramesh